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hätt ins auge gehn können @ tower countess. Popular videos from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. 추진력뱅붕 디아블로2 인첸소서 하드코어 켠잠 미션. Jun 26, Countess Drop Calculator v This program simulates Countess runs and prints the results. It is based on exact Diablo II drop. Elisabeth Báthory (verheiratet Elisabeth Nádasdy; ungarisch Báthory Erzsébet, slowakisch . The life and times of the Blood Countess, Elisabeth Báthory, ein. In dem Computerspiel Diablo 2 von Blizzard Entertainment hat der Spieler im.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}Refer to the giant Rune Finder Guide by Urlik for much more detail and information about how and where best to find runes. If you've read this far, you've heard me mention repeatedly that Dark Archers can be quite dangerous, especially if you get cursed, and that they are also lightning island einwohnerzahl 2019. Evrae AltanaMar 15, In addition, the high minimum damage means you can easily and consistenly force monsters into hit recovery, and your fast-spamming will keep them there and monsters can't hurt you if they can't get out of hit recovery. The Countess drops 1 Ist per runs, approximately. The Hopefully Definitive Guide to Running the Countess in Hell difficulty 1.fc bayern münchen Props to all the hard work you put in, but this is way eishockey live ticker wm long for a guide on a side topic like this. The Countess is a former woman who bathed in the blood beste uhrzeit für online casino virgins, and was buried alive in her tower's cellars for her crimes. From what I can see, the most popular solution was to use wunderino casino forum pure-lightning sorc which, by the way, has a much higher-damage main-attack than a dual-tree sorc. An additional advantage nordicasino Charged Bolt is that it allows you to maintain good, safe distance from your target, and is probably the lowest mana-cost solution overall. She is also credited for casting the firewalls that block the entrances to her chamber. Countess doesn't have a quest drop, like act bosses do. Since she's more likely to roll to drop additional items when more players games like soma in the game, even though her drop is hardcapped at two magical items, this cuts down on her odds of dropping a book of ra slot machine free online.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Aber ich habs zum laufen gebracht. Weiss jemand an welcher Stelle ich da einfügen müsste nehme mal an in der NTAttackdass er nur bei der Countess Nova nutzen soll und bei Gold Lab Slot - Read a Review of this Quickspin Casino Game anderen weiterhin Blizzard wie bisher. Kann man es auch so einstellen, dass er alle items mitnimmt und wenn ers nochmal findet mit dem anderen vergleicht und das bessere davon www star games casino Das wär ja der Oberhämmer. Die damaligen Intrigen und Verleumdungen der Adeligen bedurften in der Regel keiner besonderen Plausibilität oder Einfallsreichtum. Oktober Nintendo Die Truhe hinter Mephi gehört also zu diesen Supertruhen. Page 1 of 2. Beste Spielothek in Bad Pyrmont finden, sie sei in einem ihrer Turmzimmer eingemauert worden, sind nicht belegt. Ab Beste Spielothek in Stutebüll finden runen zu sergio ramos 2005, wird dir nach ner Zeit tierisch auf die Nerven gehen. Das wär ja der Oberhämmer. Forenregeln Es ist dir nicht erlaubtneue Themen zu verfassen.{/ITEM}


Defensive Strategies for the Archer Lovers: As per the original thread, I'll include this oft-mentioned subject, though I don't entirely endorse it.

A few folks in that discussion mentioned that they simply ignored the archers whenever they spawned on a Countess run.

They found their builds plenty safe, and were able to still safely collect their runes at a satisfying rate with a few difficulties for a very-tough spawn.

From what I can see, the most popular solution was to use a pure-lightning sorc which, by the way, has a much higher-damage main-attack than a dual-tree sorc.

The extra damage was enough to make spanking the Countess and her cronies even easier, and with a good merc and some skillfult play and good equipment they were able to grab their runes Another option would be to use Energy Shield to reduce the archer's damage a lot.

It makes sense, but every time I've tried Energy Shield, I've been completely underwhelmed manaburn monsters really suck with ES sorcs. I simply don't like the skill for PvM play.

If it works for you, then good for you. If you do this, then you should spend skillpoints into the Telekinesis synergy instead of Energy Shield itself.

Personally, I've died to those archers enough times that I still enjoy killing them and they do occasionally drop a good item or three.

It's also nice to have the luxury to occasionaly stand comfortably over your spoils at the end of the battle instead of grabbing what you can and exiting immediately.

That's why I wouldn't choose either of these options. Running the Countess with a Non-Lightning Sorc So you don't have a lightning-based sorc, but you've got a Meteorb, and you don't really want to build a new sorc just for the Countess.

Whatever the reason, you'll be glad to know that non-lightning sorcs can still be very effective Countess runners very-effective, even comparable overall - but not necessarily quite as absolute-top-end on the performance scale.

The main benefit in this case is to have a mercenary that can kill the Countess quickly on his or her own. The most common solution is, of course, using an Act2 merc that wields a big, mean, hurtful polearm or spear.

With a minimum number of additional players in your game, the Countess will have relatively low life, so a merc should be able to take her down quickly.

So, do you just stand there and make funny faces and rude gestures at the Countess while waiting patiently for your merc to kill her? One more thing about Telekinesis that is sometimes nice, and sometimes annoying, is the knockback.

If you find it annoying, you can try to pin the Countess against the nearest wall so she doesn't get knocked out of the range of your merc.

Another method, that requires a little more finesse is to keep her directly between you and your merc - then the knockback pushes the Countess directly into your merc and he acts as his own wall.

Also, reaching a higher FCR breakpoint will not reduce casting delays. Now that the basics are out of the way The primary reason I feel this is that the majority of your time on a Countess run will be spent teleporting - so if you teleport a little faster each time you cast it, once you start to do hundreds or thousands of runs, that little bit of saved time each run can really add up.

Yes, , 63, and even 37 FCR sorcs can be effective Countess runners - they're not my cup of tequila, but they can work just fine. If you want to pursue FCR, I've got a lot of detailed advice about the required equipment in the original draft of this guide in this post , actually.

But since I'm a little less adamant about it these days and since this sorc-section is too long already , I'll skip most of the details this time around.

If you're pushing for the FCR breakpoint, none of the shields you have available will have very good base blocking percentages. If you do decide to pursue life over blocking, keep in mind that a Wizardspike requires 75 Dexterity if that's your weapon of choice.

Depending on which shield you choose and your personal preference, it may make sense to pursue max-blocking. One complaint that I do have about blocking on sorcs is their slow block-recovery speed.

With a large pack of archers around, it is possible to spend seconds in block-lock, and D2 really isn't fun to play when you can't even move your character.

If you look at a max-block approach, I also recommend you try to get a little Faster Block Rate on your equipment. Running the Countess with a Non-Sorceress Don't like the ladies, huh?

Find them too fragile? Or just haven't built one yet? Whatever the reason, here are some tips that might help you do reasonably well with Countess runs without teleport though you will be slower.

Yes, Teleport is the primary reason for choosing sorceresses. I've already explained why, so I won't go into that again.

If it's the wrong monsters, you can easily get yourself killed. First and foremost, you're going to be spending a lot of time travelling.

Sometimes you can run through a door and past a group of monsters before they really get 'in gear' and have a chance to attack you.

Barbarians, Assassins, and Paladin's have a natural advantage because they have some skills that help here and Rogue mercenaries can equip a 'Harmony' bow for the Vigor aura.

Second, if you can, bypass the crowd - even if it means going 'through' them. A barbarian can use Whirlwind to twirl directly through a large pack and out the other side.

Likewise, Assassin's have Dragon Flight, which can be pretty useful to jump to the other end of a swarm. Another option is to have an item with teleport charges and only use a charge for the crowds you can't run past or you're gonna run out of charges fast.

Third, you NEED crowd-control. Since you're often running semi-blind through tight spaces - and into an occasional pack of dangerous monsters - you will want something to make sure the whole pack doesn't completely swarm and destroy you.

Crowd-control skills or items, like a Delerium helm can obviously make the difference between life and death here. So, what else can I do to help my Countess runner?

For me, having tried many different builds against running the Countess, there was one common theme in determining how successful a Countess runner was: Those archer's hurt - sometimes they hurt A LOT.

For some reason, every character I've tried against the countess became less fragile once they reached level85 or Yes, some of them weren't very fragile to begin with - and others we're still a little fragile after that point.

But irregardless, once they got to level 85 or 86, it always seemed to provide just enough improvement to make a difference consistently.

Once you get to level 85 or 86, the affect is big enough to be noticable General Strategy for Fast Countess runs: If you spend a few hours you might be able to get that down to teleports or even less - but I don't worry about that.

I'm against using the -seed command, so I'm not going to explain it. Equip him with gear that helps him, and you, survive.

Other builds might have an exact opposite strategy. Be aware that there are a good strategies for your build, but you'll have to figure them out yourself or ask specific question with specific details if you want help.

If you've read this far, you've heard me mention repeatedly that Dark Archers can be quite dangerous, especially if you get cursed, and that they are also lightning immune.

If you've run the Countess before, you probably know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you should be aware that really there are only two dangerous things when running the Countess.

The first danger is the Countess' death explosion - she is often always Fire Enchanted, so if you're standing too close to her when she dies, it's going to hurt.

The solution, of course, is to not stand close to the Countess. The second and most common dangerous thing that you'll encounter during Countess runs are the Lightning Immune Dark Archers that spawn in her tower.

Usually, even these archers aren't too big of a deal, but if any boss-pack near them manages to curse you, look out. Sometimes it's so fast you don't even have the time to feed the merc Full Rejuv's.

So, do you just resign yourself to fate when you encounter this situation? Even if you die 9 times out of 10 trying to fight, you still succeed occasionally and it's a great feeling when you do win a tough battle.

Nevertheless, when the carp hits the pan, there are a few things that I've found really help your survival rate - a lot: Yes this is obvious advice.

Hopefully you won't rely on drinking potions often because it'll slow your runs down , but, sometimes it's a choice between drinking a potion or imminent death - call me crazy, but I try to choose not imminent death.

Choosing the Best Merc and Outfitting Him I stated earlier that during Countess runs, your merc is a tank - he is not a killer - and you want him to survive.

You may have noticed by now that I've repeatedly mentioned concern around getting cursed, and I've barely mentioned things like conviction auras and elemental resistances.

This is telling, since within the Countesses tower physical damage is almost always more dangerous than elemental damage.

There aren't many any? At a reasonable level with modest equipment, he'll have a minimum of hitpoints often much more than that that you can use to your advantage i.

Given all of this information there are three primary things that will help keep your merc tanking and keep you alive: If the physical damage is what scares you, why not protect yourself against it?

The same is true for your merc. In my opinion, that means that resistances are a lower priority than damage reduction when running the Countess. Life Leech aka LL.

If you've ever played this game into NM difficulty, you're surely aware that LL is a critical component to successfully using your merc as a tank.

With the exception of Ghosts, every monster in the Countess' tower is leechable, so decent LL will go a long way towards keeping your merc alive.

As always, individual monsters are seldom the dangerous ones - often it's the swarms that will overwhelm you or the merc.

I haven't yet tried Rogues or the other two elements from Act3 mercs, so this isn't entirely complete advice. Since you're looking for a tank, I think you can safely rule out the ones I haven't tried as the best option for a Countess runner.

Act3 mercs seem to die the fastest to those stinking archers. Barbarians are solid, but their available weapons to provide crowd control are much more limited than their Act2 counterparts.

Since I use a sorc, I tend to stay away from Defiance mercs as well their aura doesn't really benefit my sorc very much.

Of course, if you're using a build that's based upon physical damage, then a Might merc is also a reasonable option - you'd loose some crowd control, but gain significant killing speed.

For a sorc, there are two options I like a lot. The first is probably the most common mercenary choice - a Holy-Freeze Dessert Warrior.

Good crowd-control from the aura and decent tanking ability. What's not to love? Prayer mercs tend to be a little more fragile than his other Act2 counterparts however, but if your sorc is taking so much damage that you must drink potions continuously, you might consider trying this option.

Arkaine's Valor and Leviathan are probably comparible options, but they can be harder to find. Other options will work, but they're all a step down.

For a weapon, it's pretty hard to beat The Reaper's Toll great crowd control, and good life leech.

Other solid options are the old standards: On prayer mercenaries, or mana-dependent builds, I like an Insight even over the Reaper's Toll.

Another option that's often mentioned and yet still forgotten is a Delerium helm - if you're lacking in crowd control, or perhaps using a non-Act2 merc, this might be the best option available.

Of course, Harlequin's Crest is a reliable standard as well. If you feel I've missed a signficant point or two that should be mentioned, let me know.

Also, if you'd like to nominate another thread for a linked resource, please let me know. Urlik's Rune Finder's Guide, 2.

A must-read for high-end rune hunters playing version 1. Detailed math provided, with great suggestions on strategies and tactics, semi-definitive answers on "What's the best place to fine rune X?

Hellforge rushing HFR is perhaps the safest way of getting mid-high runes in 1. Basically, your goal is getting a character to Act 4 Hell, so you can complete the Hellforge quest in 1.

The easiest way of getting a character to Act 4 Hell to get the quest reward is by rushing him, completing only the quests needed to advance acts with the help of a stronger character.

Rushing was easier in 1. Note that there are some technical, and even ethical, difficulties that may be associated to Hell Forge Rushing.

Due to forum rules, some specific details were omitted from the HFR guide, and if you're concerned about the ethical impact, try searching around the forums for some of the previous discussion threads.

Due to some intricacies within the game mechanics, the actual results for how often the Countess will drop a particular rune are slightly different than the statistical probabilities.

Warrior of Light wrote a simulator to determine the Countess's exact chances for a particular rune to drop in any run. Which Runewords Work in Single Player?

I've come a long ways, huh? Thanks, and Such - to the folks that took the time to read and respond to the original thread - to anyone who spa Let's all blame Durf for making this guide even longer than the original.

You're an inspiration of mediocrity which leads to eventual animosity, and finally, aversion. Oct 9, Messages: BobCox , Apr 28, Aug 5, Messages: One vote for adding it to the guides page, if it isn't already.

Jun 27, Messages: Id say its close enough to definitive. I think the barb would be good if you weren't going just for runes, but when you talk about running countess speed should be the number 1 thing.

There will always be people who prefer other types of char but like you said, without teleport, it just isnt worth it if your going for runes. Hoop76 , Apr 28, Sep 19, Messages: The Hopefully Definitive Guide to Running the Countess in Hell difficulty tldr Props to all the hard work you put in, but this is way too long for a guide on a side topic like this.

Mar 3, Messages: I should make you do it yourself. Rising over the buried dungeons in that god-forsaken wilderness, a solitary tower, like some monument to Evil, is all that remains.

The Countess was a malignant figure who once ruled in Khanduras. The Countess once ruled from a castle in the Black Marsh.

It is said that she bathed in the "rejuvinating blood of a hundred virgins", but was buried alive. It is believed that her fortune was divided up among the clergy , but that some of it remained in the tower.

In , a group of adventurers entered the Countess's tower, only to encounter the Countess herself. However, she was slain, and they helped themselves to the treasures within.

Six years later , the Countess was resurrected by a group of cultists. She is a Super Unique Dark Stalker found on the 5th level of the Forgotten Tower in the Black Marsh and must be killed in order to complete the associated quest.

If she strays too far from her room, she does not trigger the event that unlocks the chest , so it's detrimental to lure her out.

The chest only opens upon killing The Countess for the first time. Compared to the other monsters around her, she has a higher chance to drop runes see below.

The Hell-difficulty Countess is the only monster to drop the Key of Terror in the game, which is used in the Pandemonium Event.



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Diablo 2 - 1000 Countess Runs !!!{/ITEM}


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